To begin taking drum lessons all that you will need is a pair of drum sticks. If you are a beginner and do not have drum sticks I will be happy to give you a pair at our first lesson and then discuss what stick is best for you. If you want to purchase sticks before our lesson a good pair to start with is a wooden tip 5B which can be found at any music store. 

After our first lesson (if you don't already have a drum set) you will need a practice pad and a metronome. Also you will want to have a music stand for reading from our lesson books.

I teach from 2 books.

1) Alfred's drum method 1 - $12
2) Basic Drumming by Joel Rothman - $30 

We may or may not begin with the books but eventually both will need to be purchased. I have these available for purchase at our lessons. 

Buying a drum set is an investment and a decent new drum set with cymbals can be purchased for around $800 dollars. If you are craigslist savvy you may find a good used set for less. I will be available to make suggestions about buying a drum set. If you'd like I will go to the music store with you to look at and try out drum sets and then come to your home to get everything set up. 

A drum set, like any musical instrument, is an investment and I can tell you that from my mother's intial investment of years of music lessons and numerous drum sets I have been able to give back to her in countless ways. And to this day she still has the joy of buying me drums for my birthday. 

Mark D.