Our drum lessons will happen at my home in NE Seattle near Greenlake. The teaching studio is in my home, converted from my garage into a comfortable and accommodating studio. It has 2 drum sets, hand drums and other instruments and plenty of room for mom to stay and listen.


I am available to teach lessons Monday through Friday during the day and into the evening. Let me know what days and times are best for you and I'm sure we can find a spot.

Coming to your home for lessons

 If coming to me for lessons isn't the best or most convenient option for you I am happy to travel to your home. I will bring my teaching materials so we can have all of the necessary learning tools at our disposal. I don't bring my drum set to your home so we will learn on your drum set. This has the benefit of you having your lesson on a familiar drum set but the disadvantage of not having 2 drum sets at our finger tips. If I need to show you something on the drums I'll just sit behind your drums. I charge my hourly rate for the lesson as well as for my travel time which includes the round trip time it takes to get to and from your home.