What do you do? Your young nephew gets the bug...the funky-pox...you been there...you see yourself in him...you got the potion...you give him your cherished kit that served you so well...You feel great knowing what lies ahead for him...Wow! he masters it...becomes the Doctor giving soul vaccinations to those who caught the bug...very hip!
— Uncle Dennis
Our daughter has been a student of Mark’s for over 5 years now. Mark is a wonderful teacher - he knows how to give guidance and encouragement while still having a ton of fun. He definitely encourages students to follow their own musical tastes. Seeing him interact with his other drumming students at the rock and roll equivalent of a recital (the semi-annual Coffee Shop Jam) it’s clear that Mark tailors his style to the energy and abilities of his student. That’s a great skill as an instructor and coach.
— Hillary (Soleil's mom)
Mark loved music. He started with the flute, added the sax, but always wanted to play the drums. I only wanted him to be happy, so drums it was.
— My Mom
In the nearly five years that my daughter has studied with Mark DiFlorio, she has grown and matured greatly as a drummer, but also as a musician generally. Mark combines impressive technical skill and an expansive knowledge of musical styles with patience, meticulousness, and an infectious enthusiasm. He has inspired my daughter to explore and reach for new drumming heights. I can’t say enough about Mark as a teacher and musical mentor.
— Tonia (Sophia's mom)
Mark has worked with our son Luc (9) for the past two years and I am nothing but thrilled with the experience. Mark has built a great rapport with Luc and has instilled the love music and drumming in him. Mark finds the right mix between being an understanding coach and a tough taskmaster. Seeing Luc perform at his first coffee shop jam at age 8 was a true parenting highlight. Mark is also highly organized and very understanding and responsive to the inevitable scheduling challenges that come up for kids with multiple activities
— Urs (drummer's dad)
Mark is an energetic, kind and incredibly talented teacher. He is always upbeat and encouraging; his enthusiasm and passion for drumming are apparent in every lesson. My daughter has been taking lessons for 4 years and has loved every minute.
— Kristen (drummer's mom)
Mark is really kind. He’s really good at drums. He knows how he can teach me. My drumming is smoother and I’ve learned a lot of new things.
— Kai (7 2/3 yrs)
Kai enjoys his sessions with Mark - even when they are a lot of work! He really steps up his playing in class. I’ve noticed a great change in his focus and self control as well. We love Mark.
— Moki (Kai's grandmother)
Mark is a great teacher and he has helped me become a good drummer.

I like to go to drum lessons because
Mark cares about me as a person and a drummer.
— Ryan and Drew (brother drummers)
When I was taught by Mark I never once had a week where I felt overwhelmed with what was expected. I never had a week where I learned nothing and above all never had a week where I didn’t have fun. Mark is truly a great teacher. He knows the right mixture of skills and other things that are important to drumming, also when to change something and when to encourage it. He allowed me to learn as I wished but we always learned.
— Marshall, (student age 14)
Mark is an amazing teacher and he really knows how to help you get all the basics down. He has helped me set up a foundation to continue playing for the future. He’s just cool.
— Berkeley, (student age 14)