My teaching studio has 2 complete drum sets. The student drum set is a 5 piece Yamaha Maple Custom with Zildjian hi-hats, a ride cymbal and 2 crash cymbals. It's a hi quality drum set and is the appropriate size for students of all ages and levels.

I use an iMac, Garage Band and other music software so we can have a metronome and play along tracks available during our lessons. When the music gets loud I have a dual headphone system so we can play the drums along with music while still protecting our hearing.

Also I have a Behringer PA system so that we can play along (out loud) with the songs, bands and lesson tracks. The PA system allows the student to feel the intensity of playing the drums with live music.

The studio is equipped with full drum set recording capabilities. I am able to make audition recordings for school band, summer music camps and college admissions.

Click here to see more pictures of the studio and the drum sets.