Andrew Rudd - Andrew is the drummer involved in the Coffee Shop Jam. He is a former drum instructor at School of Rock Seattle. He currently teaches Percussion Ensemble and Rock Band classes at the Evergreen School and preschool music at the Highlands School, both in Shoreline, WA. He is available for house call lessons, or in his home studio in North Seattle.

Sam Esecson - Sam is a brilliant drummer and a wonderful teacher who is proficient with all ages and with all styes of drumming. He already has some private students and also teaches at a music shop.

Max Holmeberg - Max is a smart jazz and creative drummer. He specializes in teaching intermediate and advanced drummers but is open to beginners. He does not teach metal. He has a private teaching studio and also teaches some students at Eckstein.

Seattle Drum School - An awesome drum teaching studio that has 2 locations, many teachers and performance opportunities. Have a look at the website and the teachers and support a local drumming institution.

Donn Bennett - One of the best drum shops in the Northwest. Located in the east. Doesn't look like they have performing opportunities.

School of Rock - If your drummer is not participating in music at school or is most interested in learning songs and playing in bands I recommend School of Rock. They have private lessons that are tied into weekly performances.